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Los Angeles

Please first review our primary page to know what kind of work we do:  www.allucinari.com

Allucinari is seeking a part time (to start) entry level creative management assistant.  It’s a production management type of role eventually leading later into post-producing and later still production-producing.

CURRENT TASKS:  Organizing all project media and elements.  Managing artists and clients.  Solving creative and logistic problems when they arise.  Acting as a general assistant to a creative executive.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS:  The more knowledge the candidate has of post-production and graphics, the more qualified they are.  They must understand basic media concepts:  Frame rates, interlacing, media types, codecs.  If they can edit or use After Effects, this is a bonus.  They must be comfortable with spreadsheets and if they can’t already, be willing to learn basic spreadsheet scripting.

THE RIGHT CANDIDATE:  The right person is someone who is absolutely responsible.  Someone who is not only willing to learn, but excited by the world of video creation.  Ideally they have had some experience on their own

SITUATION:  This job starts as a freelance position and will grow into more and more responsibility as the person learns how our company works and can be given more and more responsibility.

APPLY TO:  Send your resume and a very short paragraph introduction to jobs2015@allucinari.com if you are interested in applying for this position.


Location:  World Wide

If you have reviewed our site and feel you can create the type of motion graphics we are creating, we’d love to hear from you.  We are growing quickly and are always expanding our talent pool.   Our freelance work is ever-changing and we are seeking all types of artists.

Our most common need is After Effects Artists who focus on music-based motion graphics.  We are always looking for top notch After Effects artists who have both the eye for being able to self art direct to some degree as well as a logical mind that can figure out the logistics of delivering our concert work which at times (not always) can be screens of 14,000 pixels wide and due in a matter of days.

We also use 3D artists (a variety of programs are used, but in house we use Blender, so that is a bonus).

We also do visual effects and are always seeking relationships with matte artists, roto-artists and compositors especially.

Please send a link to your reel to us!   jobs2015@allucinari.com